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There are many books dealing with the educational system in America, the ways in which it is made, and the reasons why and how it changed over the years. If one wants to perceive the essence of an educational system and understand it better, in order to gain knowledge and skills to work in it and change it for a better, diverse literature on the many sub-themes of American education is the right choice.

Professional literature can easily be found in the plan of educational programs, but other literature seems to be forgotten. That is why we present to you books on education in america that are worth reading, and will help you find the essence providing you with the answers you seek, but also the ideas that you need in order ot not only find your place in such a system, but to improve it. Without further delay, we present 5 books that you should read.

American Education: A History

The first is a book that you should read if you are interested in education in America. The book was first published in 1995, but by then it was amended many times and published again. It contains chronologically all important and breakthrough periods in American education, from native Americans, through pre-colonial and colonial times to this day. The book was written by Wayne J. Urban

Teaching Community: A Pedagogy of Hope

It is a trilogy that will give readers more insight into the ideologies, concepts, attitudes, and opinions that influence and permeate all the pores of society, and that affect the education system itself – nationality, class, gender, and race. The author shows us what kind of schools really should be, what education is, and how we should deal with all of this. The author is Bell Hooks and the book was written in 2002.

Savage Inequalities

This book is a New York Times bestseller and was first published in the year of 1992. The author name is Jonathan Kozol and he is an award-winning writer and activist. He dedicated his entire life to his work – unmasking the injustice that has roots deep in the American educational system.

What Does It Mean to Be Well Educated?

The author is Alfie Kohn and in “What Does It Mean to be Well Educated?” Written in 2001 he show us the real goals of knowledge and education. Here you can find essays in which you can read all about how the system of American education lost itself in all tests and scores and grades.

The Life and Death of the American School System: How Testing and Choosing are Undermining Education

This book was first published in 2010, so we can say it is the youngest book on our list. Here you can read all about how one of the best educational experts and former assistant secretary of education Diane Ravitch had a change of heart. In this book, she re-examines her previous steps, decisions and the position she held.

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