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Styles And Techniques Of Student Success


During the schooling period, most students build their own learning methods. Someone in the discovery of the most effective methods of learning helps an older brother or sister, parents, teachers or classmates. Often, some way of learning is being spontaneously adopted or a new one is discovered. Still, when we already have our own methods, we are wondering if there is any other technique that would speed up the whole process

The latest approaches to improving the techniques of learning indicate that it is best to use the technique that corresponds to the style of learning a particular person. Therefore, not all learning strategies are appropriate for all persons. Depending on your own learning style, you can choose the following techniques:

Visual or spatial style of learning

It is much easier for someone to remember the definitions or facts if they present them with the appropriate scheme or image that he associates with words from the text. The problem is that schematic representation can sometimes take a long time, but these people will almost certainly remember everything they have visualized themselves.

 Audit style

For people with this style, it is best to attend lectures because it is the easiest to learn. The techniques recommended herein consist of converting information from the verbal-visual into the audit domain. For example, recording yourself or a lecturer who exhibits certain material can be of great use.

 Logical or mathematical style

Information is processed by revealing their internal logic. A person seeks to understand how certain information is related, whether there is a principle that basically links them to new information with the logical system of information that he already has. In addition to free storage, here you can use deeper information processing, and if you try to learn some kind of material in this way, you will remember it for a long time. This kind of learning requires greater intellectual engagement than the previous two but brings much more benefits.

 Social or interpersonal style

Someone likes to be completely alone with the book while learning and for someone, it is the biggest punishment. People with this style are the best learners in society and when they process new information together with their classmates or groups. Through the interaction, one discovers the ways in which the material has been grasped, and it is always possible to find out something new and to supplement what we ourselves have failed to notice.

 Keys to student success

For effective learning, it is best to combine several of the styles or techniques used within them. It’s important to know that none of these styles is wrong and that everyone should use the one that suits them the most. The content sometimes dictates which techniques to apply. Definitions or scrolls that require easy memorization are best learned by visual display, while for some content that in itself contains logic, such as learning about some natural systems or laws, it is best to apply a logical or mathematical style.

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